These terms and conditions are valid for all Slovenia Tourist Taxi driving, and are subject to change. The most current terms and conditions at the time of your departure will apply. 




With all cases of reservation, you need to send us a passport scan (or ID if you come from European Union), confirming that the booking is valid. Passport photo and data is needed for company purposes and it is not given or sold to any third parties.


In cases where there is a larger group (when the van is needed) you have to pay 80€ per trip in advance, 2 weeks before the first day trip starts. 




Customer pays in cash every evening, after the daytrip ends, the arranged amount set in correspondence.


If there is a group that has paid in advance, then the arranged amount is smaller for the already paid amount each evening. 


Payment conditions in advance are set by email correspondence where you receive all the information when you book us.




Slovenia Tourist Taxi strictly adhere to the following cancellation policy for private tour departures and will make no exceptions (for groups when the van is needed):

  • 14 days before the trip – 100% refundable
  • 13-7 days before – 50% refundable
  • 7-0 days before – nonrefundable




Your package content and price has been determined in emails, when we set up details of the trip. Price does not include and the customer pays directly to the provider of this services:

  • entry fees
  • food and drinks


Tours out of Slovenia have different prices, we charge them as customize. We also have the right to charge time and kilometers back to the starting point and also tolls for the back.  This price does not include:

  • entry fees
  • food and drinks
  • tolls out of Slovenia
  • parking fees out of Slovenia
  • extra services if there are any


If a customer would like to have a 2 or more-day tour out of Slovenia, in that case, the customer is obligated to find and pay room for the driver. 




  1. When does the trip start and end? 

The trip starts at your pick-up point and ends at the start where we have picked you up. If you choose a different drop off point, your end is charged by extra time and kilometers from drop off to Ljubljana. The time that we start to measure is from the picking point and to the drop off point. The 10-hour day trip includes the time of traveling from your pick-up point to end point destination. 


  1. Why do you need my passport scan?

It is for your safety, if anything happens on the way. It is also our safety that we know that you are legally here. We use this only for our information. We don’t sell or disclose your personal information to any third parties.


  1. How do we pay?

You pay in cash every day, when the day trip ends.