At Slovenia Tourist Taxi website, we value your trust in services and strive to provide you with an exceptional experience. To ensure clarity and transparency, we have outlined the following terms and conditions that apply to all our driving services that this website provides.

Reservation Policy

To confirm your booking, please provide a scan of your passport (or EU ID). This information is for internal use only, to ensure safety during your trip. The purchase of coupon booking is mandatory only if you have purchased it directly from the web page.


For larger groups requiring a van, we will kindly ask for a deposit payment of 100€ extra per trip in advance.

We strictly adhere to the following cancellation policy for private day trips and cannot make any exceptions (refund only applies to groups needed deposit payment in advance):
– 14 days before the trip: 100% refundable, all transaction costs are paid by the client
– 13-7 days before: 50% refundable
– 6-0 days before: nonrefundable

Coupon payments for booking dates are non-refundable. If the client cannot use the purchased coupon at booked date, then he or she can use it accordingly for duration of two years from the date of purchasing it. Rescheduling of the booked date costs 5€.

Payments are made in cash (€) at the end of each day trip, as per the arranged amount communicated in our correspondence. If you are part of a group that has paid in advance, the daily payment amount will be adjusted accordingly.

The payment conditions for advance payments will be provided in detail through correspondence upon booking.

Package Price and Contents

Package details are communicated during correspondence booking or on the website. Entry fees, food, and drinks are not included. Day trips / transfers outside Slovenia may have different prices. Tolls, entry fees, and extra services are separate charges.

Payment Options

Cash payments at trip end with extra costs like time extension, km range or parking tickets may be adjusted at the end. Online payments through NLB gateway with Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro cards are also available.

Company Information

Andrej Bergant s.p., Address: Kersnikova ulica 13, 1233 Dob, Registration number: 9501053000, Tax number: 79869106

Disclaimer of Responsibility

Slovenia Tourist Taxi connects clients with drivers and / or guides. It does not assume responsibility for their services, as they operate independently. Any disputes should be addressed directly with the service provider. By using our services, client agrees to these terms.

This statement aims to clarify roles, responsibilities, and limitations. Legal consultation is recommended. For inquiries, please contact us for an exceptional experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the trip start and end?
The trip starts at your designated pick-up point and ends at the same location. If you choose a different drop-off point, additional charges will apply based on extra time and kilometers from the drop-off point to Ljubljana. The duration of the trip includes travel time from the pick-up point to the final destination.

2. Why do you need my passport scan?
We request your passport scan for both your safety and ours. It allows us to have relevant information in case of any unforeseen circumstances during the trip. Please rest assured that we treat your personal information with utmost confidentiality and it is not shared or sold to any third parties. We will delete it upon your request.