Embark on a thrilling day trip from Ljubljana to explore the enchanting underground world of Postojna Cave, Slovenia’s oldest and largest cave. The tour spans an hour and a half, allowing you to discover the 5 km expanse of the cave. The adventure begins with a scenic train ride, followed by a guided walk through the captivating formations.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. After the cave exploration, our journey continues to the nearby Predjama Castle, just 15 minutes away. Marvel at the stunning architecture of the castle and delve into the intriguing history, including the tales of King Erasmus – discover where and how he met his fate. Join us for a day filled with natural wonders and historical insights on this unforgettable excursion.

1. From Ljubljana

This is our starting point. We start our day trip from your provided address of the apartment, hotel or hostel from Ljubljana. You provide us with your desired departure time and date. We arrive to your address and drive you to our next attraction point.

2. Postojna Cave

Discover the highlight of our journey at Postojna Cave – an underground masterpiece awaits! Allow our experienced guide to lead you through this captivating realm, where you’ll encounter diverse cave sculptures. Experience a constant cool temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, unaffected by external weather conditions.

Immerse yourself in a tour lasting approximately an hour and a half, unveiling the secrets of this natural wonder. Ensure a seamless experience by booking your tickets online in advance here. Don’t miss this extraordinary adventure beneath the surface – reserve your spot now!

3. Predjama castle

Introducing the fascinating Predjama Castle – a marvel of unique architecture nestled into a cave. This extraordinary castle boasts dual entries, with the main one facing the castle’s front and a secretive entrance on the opposite side. Purchase your tour ticket on-site upon our arrival (bundle options are available with Postojna caves tickets), eliminating the need for advance booking hassles.

Explore this captivating castle without worrying about parking fees, making your visit seamless and enjoyable. Join us for an unforgettable adventure at Predjama Castle, where history and architecture converge in a truly remarkable setting.

For route details of this package check interactive map

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 71 km
  • Time 1 h 8 min
  • Speed 61.9 km/h
  • Min altitude 283 m
  • Peak 620 m
  • Climb 1134 m
  • Descent 881 m


small / per group of 6
  • 5 hours of estimated time
  • 150 km of driving range from Ljubljana
  • If you would like to customise this day trip, give us an inquiry on customisation package and we will make the day!

Not including

  • 5€ parking
  • Ticket and entries admission cost additional. Check online for the prices!

Full Day trip Private Booking