Day trip from Ljubljana to Bled and Bohinj will introduce you to famous Slovenian lakes. Both lakes are the ice lakes. Lake Bled has around 20 degrees Celsius in summer time. Lake Bohinj is even colder, only 18 degrees Celsius on really hot summer day. On both lakes you can go for a walk round the lake, relax or just enjoy at beauty of the nature surrounding it. Lake Bled offers swimming in summer time, but in winter,  you can easily find a swimming pool in hotels. This day trip also includes some other sightseeing attractions. On this day trip you will experience the northwestern Upper Carniola region of Slovenia, and part of Triglav National Park. We can add or remove some parts of this day trip, depending on weather, your mood and interests.

1. From Ljubljana

This is our starting point. We start our day trip from your provided address of the apartment, hotel or hostel from Ljubljana. You provide us with your desired departure time and date. We arrive to your address and drive you to our next attraction point.

2. Lake Zbilje

On a way to lake Bled, we can make a quick stop at small lake Zbilje, which is nearest from Ljubljana. There is a lovely ambient for relaxing, having coffee or just to see swans. They really have good fruit or ice cream sundays.

3. City Kranj

Kranj is a small and beautiful city in Slovenia. The city offers old town with interesting arhitecture and great history. In the middle of town, there is a sculpture of great Slovenian poet France Prešeren. There is a small medival castle in the city. You can find the electric van, which drives visitors round old town for free.

4. Radovljica

Radovljica is a larger old styled Slovenian village. It is known for Lecter hearts, which are made from honey bread. There is a nice view on nearest hills. The village offers cutest restaurants with local Slovenian food. And a fun fact: every year they prepare a Chocolate fair in April!

5. Vintgar Gorge

This is a beautiful trail by the river. It is one of the most beautiful gorges in Slovenia. You walk by the river for 1,6 km in one way. At the end of the gorge you will see waterfall Šum the largest river waterfall in Slovenia. There you can sit for a while, breath fresh air and relax.

6. Lake Bled

This is first main point of our trip, lake Bled. Town Bled is known for one of the national cakes “Kremšnita“, one of the oldest castles in Slovenia Bled castle and boats called Pletnas. Pletna boat takes you to Bled island. There is a little church and a place to sit in the middle of lake. Slovenia has only one island, and this the one.

7. Lake Bohinj

This is a second main attraction, lake Bohinj. You will notice that this lake is larger than Bled. Above the lake Bohinj is a funicular, which drives you up to mountain Vogel. There is a beautiful view on the valley, lake and Slovene Julian mountains. In the winter time, there is ski resort. It is a part of northwestern Upper Carniola region of Slovenia, and part of Triglav National Park.

8. Waterfall Savica

A little further, till the end of lake Bohinj, we can go to waterfall Savica. There is an entry fee 3€, 365 stairs and a wonderful waterfall.

For route details of this package check interactive map

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 328 km
  • Time 5 h 42 min
  • Speed 57.5 km/h
  • Min altitude 288 m
  • Peak 538 m
  • Climb 1424 m
  • Descent 1430 m


basic / per group of 6
  • 10 hours of estimated time
  • 300 km of driving range from Ljubljana
  • If you would like to customise this day trip, give us an inquiry on customisation package and we will make the day!

Not including

  • 2€ parking

Full Day trip Private Booking