This is day trip where you meet the Slovenian coast. You can choose from different cities in Slovenia. Slovenian coast begins with first city Koper and it ends with Piran. The length of coast is 52km. This trip is better to take in summer time, when you can swim or relax on hot sun. It is also nice to visit Slovenian coast in spring or in autumn time, when you can have a beautiful sunset walks. On a way to Slovenian coast you can stop to see Postojna cave, Škocijan caves or Lipica, where the famous Slovenian studs are.

1. From Ljubljana

This is our starting point. We start our day trip from your provided address of the apartment, hotel or hostel from Ljubljana. You provide us with your desired departure time and date. We arrive to your address and drive you to our next attraction point.

2. Koper

City Koper, is the first city at Slovenian coast. More or less is known by its port – Koper. Port Koper means a lot for Slovenian economy. It provides transportation and logistics for central Europe. The city has old history, great buildings and architecture. There is a city beach, where you can swim or enjoy in the sun.

3. Izola

Izola is known for a beautiful, family beach. There is enough sun or shadow for a perfect day. City is build in the shape of a circle, so you can easily find beach or place to relax. You can see narrow streets or houses, which give the special architecture of city.

4. Portorož

City to have fun at night, a lot of casinos to gamble and enjoy. Nice city to have a walk, shop or to have a delicious ice cream. This city is for rich people, since the hotels here are the most expensive and luxurious in Slovenia.

5. Piran

Church, wall and unique city from above and from down. City Piran is made in 2 parts. Down part, where the beach is located, there is Tartini square and good restaurants. The upper part has St. George church and old remaining of town and castle wall.

For route details of this package check interactive map

  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 141 km
  • Time 2 h 26 min
  • Speed 60.3 km/h
  • Min altitude 1 m
  • Peak 702 m
  • Climb 2025 m
  • Descent 2286 m


basic / per group of 6
  • 10 hours of estimated time
  • 300 km of driving range from Ljubljana
  • If you would like to customise this day trip, give us an inquiry on customisation package and we will make the day!

Not including

  • 5€ parking
  • Ticket and entries admission cost additional.

Full Day trip Private Booking